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Tolco Pro Blend Bottle Proportioner 30oz

Tolco Pro Blend Bottle Proportioner 30oz

Clean and Shiny

  • £5.95

The TolcoPro Blend Bottle Proportioner measures out the perfect amount of concentrated liquid without making a mess.

This clever device saves you the trouble of trying to measure out concentrated products and pour them into another bottle. The Proportioner does it for you. Simply twist the Proportioner onto a bottle of your favourite product. Twist the black top to raise or lower the green regulator to the desired amount of liquid. Squeeze the bottle and watch the reservoir fill.

Measurements in ounces and millilitres are marked on the side of the reservoir. Release the bottle and the liquid will drain down to the amount you selected. Flip the pop-top and pour the precisely measured liquid into another bottle. No dripping, spilling, or waste!

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