P&S Finisher Peroxide Treatment

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Finisher Peroxide Treatment is Step #3 in the Double Black Interior Cleaning System. Finisher completes the system by adding a final attack on odour causing molecules and organic stains. Finisher breaks down odour causing chemicals, eliminates any residual organic stains and slightly sterilises the surface. Finisher assists in reducing water stains, mould and mildew odours as well as finalised stain removal. Finisher breaks down into oxygen and water, leaving no chemical residue left that requires further removal. 

Key Features:

  • Eliminates Odours
  • No Chemical Residue
  • Oxygen Safe Cleaning
  • Reduces Resoiling

Directions for use:

Finisher is spray applied to the cleaning surface as a final treatment to reduce odours and stains. Once you have completed the cleaning process using Step #1 Terminator and Step #2 carpet Bomber spray apply mist of finisher to the treated surface. No removal of chemical is required. However if excessive moister exists it is always recommended to remove by vacuuming and/or dry the interior prior to vehicle delivery.

Sizes Available: 1 PInt/473ml and 1 gallon/3.79L

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