Britemax Igneous Quartz Ultra Premium (9H) Ceramic Coating 50ml

Wash and then decontaminate your vehicle’s paintwork with Britemax GRIME OUT cleaner and degreaser and IRON MAX fallout Remover combined with our CLAY MAX clay bar.

If required, polish paintwork with Britemax compounds to remove all swirls and imperfections. If using Britemax VIRTUE Si02 High Gloss Primer Polish you can skip the next step and go straight to applying IGNEOUS QUARTZ.

Use a panel preparation cleaning solution prior to application to ensure all surfaces are clean and free of oils, solvents and waxes.

Tip: Wiping down the surfaces with a 1:1 mix of isopropyl alcohol & de-ionised water after cleaning will help with reducing surface tension making application easier. This process is unnecessary if using VIRTUE polish.

Work indoors (ambient conditions must be above 5 degrees and ideally below 24c) with your panel fully cooled after polishing. This process ensures you will get the maximum chemical bond between the coating and your vehicle’s paintwork. Britemax ceramic quartz coatings are applied via a lint free, suede wrapped, foam applicator block.

  1. Run a few beads of product onto the suede wrapped block and ensure even saturation. Use gloves. Always replace the lid on the bottle and set aside. IGNEOUS QUARTZ reacts with the moisture in the air and if there is prolonged exposure to the atmosphere the coating will begin to cure within the bottle – viscosity changes are the best evidence of this happening.
  2. Apply in straight lines with a 50% overlap onto areas approximately 3x3 sq. ft. or less at a time.
  3. On average, leave it to flash anywhere from 1 to 4 minutes depending on the ambient temperature, the colder it is the longer you can leave it to set up and volatilise. The hotter it is the faster it will flash dry.
  4. As soon as it becomes tacky wipe it down.
  5. Repeat process until vehicle is complete. Avoid buffing residue with too much force as this can spoil the surface you are looking to protect. Using more than one cloth, buff the same area several times to remove all traces of residue.
  6. If applying an optional second layer (additional layers will improve both thickness, hardness and durability) apply after a minimum of 1 hour.

Do not let the treated surface get wet for the first 12/24 hours after being applied if air cured. If force cured using IR lamps you can let it get wet almost immediately. If water does find its way to the protected surface, it will not damage the coating, simply wipe dry immediately.

Ceramic quartz coatings can take up to a full 2/3 weeks to fully cure and harden, only after this time will the coating be fully chemical resistant.

To help protect the surface during this final curing phase we recommend applying REMAX Si02 spray sealant one hour after application and avoid washing the car for the first two weeks.

Discard all microfibre and suede cloths after use.

Use IGNEOUS QUARTZ within 2 years of purchasing, for best results, once opened use within 6 months. Always store out of direct sunlight.

Please note: Whilst IGNOEUS QUARTZ will improve the scratch resistance of your paint, correct care and maintenance is still required. For weekly maintenance, we recommend using our PURE MAX shampoo and REMAX spray sealant.