▶️ Product Spotlight: P&S Crystal Wash

P&S Crystal Wash is a general strength, industrial fallout remover designed for safe and easy application.

Once applied to a dry vehicle through the dedicated Crystal Wash spray bottle and trigger, Hydrogen Iron Substitution (a chemical reaction) takes place and it will crystallise as it dries. As it does so, Crystal Wash physically and chemically breaks the surface bond on fallout particles. It can then be rinsed off.

Crystal Wash removes industrial fallout, rust deposits and pollution particles. You can also use a dedicated fallout remover afterwards if needed, just for visual (purple) confirmation that all contaminants have been lifted away.

Key Facts:

  • Crystal Wash has existed as a product for over 25 years
  • It was original developed at a time where fallout removers as we know them didn't exist; detailing clay also wasn't a 'thing' either, so Crystal Wash acted as a two-in-one product
  • Years later, it has been refined by P&S Detail Products for modern day use
  • After the crystals have formed you can pressure wash your vehicle to remove the contaminants that Crystal Wash has targeted
  • You're then OK to apply a snow foam, other pre-cleaner or dedicated fallout remover if needed

Crystal Wash will be available in Gallon bottles with an accompanying dilution spray bottle with acid-resistent spray trigger.

Jamie the Cleaner talks to the lead chemist at P&S and gives a demo:

Crystal washJamie the cleanerP&s