Diamond Protech: Nanodiamond vs. Ceramic Coatings

Diamond Protech Quick Body & Buffing
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The detailing industry is very much used to ceramic coatings, as they have been the go-to for so long. As these coatings are made from organic matter (silica), they naturally degrade over time. This is especially the case in stressful environments, such as on your car's paintwork, glass and wheels.

Diamond Protech's patented Nanodiamond coatings are a breakthrough in what is possible with surface protection:

  1. They have been developed using PHPS polymers, which offer abrasion and heat resistance.
  2. Diamond Protech have engineered special silianes (usually found in waterproofing agents) and are made up of inorganic compounds (not naturally occurring) - These offer a long coating life, a slick finish and self-cleaning properties.
  3. Enriched nanodiamonds offer additional hydrophobicity (for water beading and self-cleaning), as well as flexibility within the coating - which means the coatings can cope with changes in temperature, vibrations, harsh weather, etc.

Diamond Protech Quick Body Application

Combined, Diamond Protech coatings offer all of the properties you want and expect:
  • Scratch & defect resistance
  • Extremely flexible and thick coatings
  • Enhanced water beading (especially with Diamond Body)
  • Water sheeting (specifically with 
  • Oleophobic properties
  • Easy installation and maintenance

More benefits:

  • Slow flash times during installation. This means you have more control over application and you're likely to be less stressed, as you don't need to worry about removing high spots in the applied coating.
  • Reduction in winter frost on glass. Due to the nature of Diamond Protech's Glass coating, frost has a hard time forming and so will save you valuable minutes on morning commutes during the colder months.
  • Nanodiamond spiderwebs. Diamond Protech coatings create a unique microscopic 'web' of protection once cured, which also reinforces chemical resistance from 0 to 9 on the pH scale, as you never know what your vehicle will come into contact with on a daily basis.

Diamond Protech Quick Body Buffed Off

Diamond Protech strongly believes that vehicle protection products should be made of inorganic chemical compounds, rather than organic materials that can degrade in the environments where they're applied.

Our friends at The Rag Company were excited when Diamond Protech launched and so they made a fantastic video overview:

Levi does a great job at walking you through the Diamond Protech range! As the UK distributor, we too are excited to be offering this line of coatings that will leave you impressed, no matter what level of experience you have.

Diamond Protech Quick Body Application to Porsche 997 Carrera S Badge
Feel free to view the Diamond Protech collection here, and please do get in touch if you have any questions as we're here to help. Diamond Protech products are also available to see in-person at our walk-in store here in Aldershot, Hampshire.

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