Need to remove vaping oils from your windows?  dooka GLASS can help.

dooka GLASS vg Glass Cleaner 500ml | Clean + Shiny

Clean + Shiny have recently taken onboard dooka car care products. As part of the range, dooka GLASS vg Glass Cleaner is proving to be a hit.

Not only does dooka GLASS clean all glass and windows to a crystal clear finish with zero streaks, the special ingredients successfully remove vaping oils from automotive glass and windows.

Standard glass cleaners may not fully remove vaping oil and vaping residue from those longer journeys, so why not give dooka GLASS a try?

Clean car, van and truck glass and windows with dooka GLASS.  Remove fingerprints, body oils, traffic film as well as vaping oils and vaping residue with minimum effort.

dooka GLASS vg Glass Cleaner comes in a 500ml bottle and includes a spray nozzle for easy application, either directly to glass and windows, or to a glass cloth.

If you need advice about dooka GLASS or any other products, feel free to get in touch with us here at Clean + Shiny, we're here to help. Alternatively, visit our walk-in shop in Aldershot, Hampshire for all of your car care needs.

The Clean + Shiny Team.

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