Keep Your Windscreen Clear With Dodo Juice Spirited Away Screen Wash!

Dodo Juice Spirited Away Screen Wash

Keeping your windscreen clear is important, especially if the inevitable happens here in the UK and the heavens open!  General grime, road salt and other contaminants can quickly cover your windscreen (and other windows), especially during the colder months.

Daily commuters, taxi drivers, couriers, lorry drivers and long-distance freight drivers will know that keeping on top of visibility is an automatic flick of the wiper blades, but is your screen wash up to the task of removing window grime effectively?

We've recently taken delivery of Dodo Juice's Spirited Away, which is a concentrated screen wash solution based on their best-selling Clearly Menthol glass cleaner.

  • It is designed to be used in weather conditions down to -40.
  • It gets diluted to 1 part product, 5 parts water.
  • The 500ml bottle can therefore produce up to 3-litres of screen wash solution to fill your reservoir with.
  • There's the reassurance of added frost resistance, making it less likely that your entire washer system will freeze if you find yourself in cold conditions.

As well as Dodo Juice's offering, we also stock a number of other screen wash solutions. So, after you've got your car, van or truck looking Clean + Shiny, why not treat your screen wash system to ensure it's doing the best job it can?

As usual, if you require any product advice feel free to get in touch as we're here to help.

The Clean + Shiny Team.

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