How To Remove Water Spots With Gtechniq W9

Gtechniq W9 Before + After | Clean + Shiny Car Care

Water spots from your wash process (or from rainfall) can ruin your efforts as a car care enthusiast or professional. Gtechniq W9 removes these spots with ease.

Gtechniq W9 is synthetic/polymer sealant and ceramic coating safe, but it may strip your carnauba wax if you've added any to the affected areas. We recommend using protective gloves and a quality buffing towel.


  1. Simply spray and wipe, while buffing any residue with a new side of your buffing towel.
  2. Finish with your favourite quick detailer or spray sealant for added gloss and protection.
  3. If you've previously installed wax in the areas you've worked on, you may wish to re-apply.

If you need any further tips please contact us, we're here to help.

The Clean + Shiny Team.

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