#Labocosmetica #Lubrifica (Multi-Purpose Lube) - 500ml

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#Labocosmetica #Lubrifica is a lubricant for claying, sanding and polishing.

It is a highly dilutable concentrated product. Thanks to its innovative formula, it creates a sort of non-stick and lubricated barrier minimising friction. It allows the clay bar to slide over the surface, preventing scratches and swirls, maintaining maximum efficiency and lubrication even in the presence of very abrasive clay bars, clay mitts or clay blocks. These qualities make it ideal for sanding or polishing operations since it can even be used to perform priming on the pad before and during polishing.

#Lubrifica is silane-free, therefore it does not interfere in the polishing cycle and has a high cleaning capacity to remove dust and residues from the surface formed during the polishing phase, without leaving marks or streaks. It is compatible with any type of clay, keeping it long-lasting and preventing porous disintegration which, for example would happen if using a classic detergent as a lubricant.

Main Features:

  •  High lubricating action
  •  Suitable for clay bars, clay mitts, clay blocks and for the sanding phase
  •  Easy to remove without leaving streaks or residues
  •  Ideal for post-polishing surface cleaning
  •  Highly dilutable concentrated products
  •  Suitable also for helping the ppf application:
  •  It does not leave residual of surfactants on the body work
  •  It does not leave residual of coloured pigments on the ppf film
  •  It allows you to position and make adjustments before the adhesion of the ppf begins (in 3 minutes).


  • Clay Block - 1:5
  • Clay Bar - 1:10
  • PPF - 1:15
  • Blackout films fro windows and stickers - 1:20

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