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Powerfoam is a highly concentrated snowfoam that is designed for maximum cleaning power, without being corrosive to sensitive surfaces. It's also been created with domestic and low power machines in mind, so if you own a Karcher k2 for example, expect to get great results from this foam.

Its alkaline formula has been developed with detergents made from sugar, rather than the caustic material that is commonly found in many pre-wash products. This makes powerfoam much safer to use on all surfaces, for your personal safety when handling the product, and additionally for the environment. Run-off from the foam is completely biodegradable within 3 hours.

One of the key features of powerfoam is its dilution, unlike, most snowfoams on the market which can be diluted to around 10:1, powerfoam has an insane 100:1 maximum dilution and still remains effective at cleaning. Infact, we only recommend 10:1 for heavy contamination and 25:1 for general traffic film like you would find on most vehicles day to day. To put that into perspective, one of these 500ml bottles can potentially make up to 50L of ready to use snowfomam!

Powerfoam is classed as a pre-wash product, so you would use this to remove as much visible dirt from your car before filling your wash bucket and going in for a contact wash. The idea behind this of course is to eliminate the chance of scratching your paintwork, and powerfoam really does a great job in this department by removing up to 90% of visible dirt from your paintwork. This really is a snowfoam that is designed to clean and clean really well, while also being great value. These are some of the reasons it's heavily relied on by mobile detailers and valeters, particularly in the winter months.

Available Sizes: 500ml & 5 Litres

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