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Incinerate is a highly concentrated, alkaline wheel cleaner that has been designed for contactless wheel cleaning or effortless deep cleaning of both wheels and tyres.

Incinerate is completely free of any acids and uses a unique blend of powerful detergents that have been harnessed into a lightweight solvent. What this means exactly, is the solvent we have used is lighter than water at a molecular level, and this allows the product to penetrate through heavy brake dust and grime faster than any other wheel cleaner we have come across.

The key features of incinerate have to be its performance and dilution ratio. It was first developed with the principle that most people find wheel cleaning a chore, therefore we wanted to make a product that, in most cases can be used as a contactless cleaner even when diluted. Of course, not all wheels can be cleaned in this way, and for those, you can rely on its very high dilution ratios to make light work of even the worst wheels imaginable! On top of this, the dilution ratios of up to 25:1 make incinerate extremely good value.

Incinerate is ideally used before you pre-wash your car, and also before using any fallout remover. This allows it to do the heavy lifting when it comes to cleaning ready for the next stage in the wheel cleaning process.
In addition, it makes an exceptional tyre cleaner and has the ability to emulsify silicone tyre dressings and draw them out of the rubber, allowing you to simply rinse them away.
When it comes to a robust and reliable wheel cleaner that doesn’t break the bank, it’s hard to think of a more viable option.

How To Use: Spray incinerate directly on to your vehicle's wheels prior to rinsing. If the wheel has light soiling you may be able to simply jet wash incinerate off after 30 seconds to remove all contamination. For heavier soiling, you may need to use a soft brush to agitate incinerate before rinsing off. Never allow incinerate to dry on your wheels or sit for more than 5 minutes prior to removing. If you accidentally spray incinerate onto your cars paintwork, rinse off quickly.

Available Sizes: 500ml & 5 Litres

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