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Stoner Invisible Glass Reach and Clean Tool

Stoner Invisible Glass Reach and Clean Tool


  • £14.99

Reach and Clean Tool makes hard-to-reachglass easy to clean. No more kneeling down orclimbing high to get closer. Now you can reach itAND clean it with no streaks and no lint!The Invisible Glass Reach & Clean Toolcombines an ergonomic, long reach handle andlarge wedge-shaped pivoting head with twowashable, reversible, microfiber covers to makehome glass cleaning faster and easier than ever.

Ideal for large and tall indoor windows, mirrors,glass doors. shower doors, glass tables, glasscabinets and more.

Convenient Hang Loop unscrews to fit anystandard thread pole for extended reach.

Detachable easi-grip handle.

Alsocontains an easy-store mesh bag which can alsobe used as a laundry bag for washing thebonnets.

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