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The Glaco DX Glass Set 3pcs is a complete kit for cleaning, protecting, and maintaining the clarity of your car windows. It includes three essential products:

  • Glaco Glass Compound Roll On: This product removes stubborn dirt, grime, and watermarks from your car windows. It leaves your windows crystal clear and free from unsightly residue.
  • Glaco DX liquid wiper: This product forms a protective coating on your windows that repels water. This coating lasts for several months, giving you clear visibility in the rain.
  • Glaco De Cleaner: This product removes contaminants that may accumulate on your windows over time, such as dust, pollen, and smudges. It helps to preserve the water-shedding properties of the Glaco DX coating.

To use the Glaco DX Glass Set 3pcs, first clean your windows with the Glaco Glass Compound Roll On. Then, apply the Glaco DX liquid wiper to create a protective coating. Finally, use the Glaco De Cleaner to keep your windows clean and clear.

The Glaco DX Glass Set 3pcs is a convenient and effective way to keep your car windows clean and safe. It is easy to use and provides long-lasting results.

Here are some additional benefits of using the Glaco DX Glass Set 3pcs:

  • Reduced drag: The water-repellent coating can help to reduce drag on your car, which can improve fuel efficiency.
  • Increased visibility: The clear, water-shedding windows will give you better visibility in the rain and snow.
  • Protection from UV rays: The coating can help to protect your windows from UV rays, which can cause fading and damage.

If you are looking for a way to keep your car windows clean, protected, and safe, the Glaco DX Glass Set 3pcs is a great option.

Check out our demo video below:

Kit Contains: 1 x Glaco Glass Compound Roll On, 1 x Glaco DX Liquid Wiper and 1 x Glaco De Cleaner

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