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Issue 18 has landed!

Issue 18 is packed full of detailing guides and reviews, plus top interviews and the fabled Megatest!

As we approach our eighth year in print our first VW graces the front cover courtesy of Joe at Auto Glanz, and we have a packed 131 further pages for your delight. We kick off with a monster rundown of this year’s Waxstock, followed by a new-to-us detailing show in Scotland. Our adventures take us further afield with a bit of on-the-ground research into the Irish detailing industry, and into Switzerland in search of diamonds.

With loads of new releases happening at SEMA we give you the rundown on the most interesting, while we also get to play with some of the newest potions and hardware on the market back in Blighty. Particular highlights are two new machines – one from Rupes, the other Lake Country, and a very cool gadget from Rhopoint.

The guide section kicks off with our second installment of the boat detailing series, this time looking at teak decking, before going into far too much detail on exhaust tip polishing. We go green, briefly, and look at how you, as a detailer can help reduce our collective carbon footprint, and what companies are doing to the same end.

Our interview of the issue is none other than Jason Rose – perhaps the best travelled detailer on the planet, with a long history at Meguiar’s and Rupes. Our Trader Talk chapter begins with a brief history of Dr Beasley’s before following UK detailer Martin Barrow on his foray into the Middle East.

Our Wellness section has swelled for this edition too, with the lowdown on ADHD, avoiding burnout, and keeping yourself safe around chemicals thanks to top contributions from Nanolex chemist Andreas Neuner and ADHD specialist Mirka Frommenwiler. Kingfisher Insurance has also done us a nice ditty on immediate action for a detailer in the event of a whoopsie.

The Megatest this issue is on Wheel Cleaners and we have roped in Steve of Geeky Detail Reviews to help us explore the acids, alkalis, and nitty gritty of rim rubbing. Finally, our showcase is stunning Scirocco that had gone astray but was rescued thanks to the labours of Danny the Detailer.

Welcome to the action-packed, and jaw-dropping Issue 17 – get ready to embark on yet another exhilarating Car Care Adventure with the world’s biggest detailing magazine!

Hold on tight as we whisk you away to mesmerising product factories in Germany, not once but four times! We’ll be taking an exclusive peek behind the curtains at the renowned Flex, Scholl, Nanolex, and Menzerna creation hubs, and that’s just the beginning. Brace yourself for the ultimate excitement as we dive headfirst into the captivating Dcon Show at PS Speicher for a look at the latest Euro-detailers have to offer.

But wait, there’s more! We then take you on a thrilling tour of Tours in France – not for sightseeing, but for The Detailing Show that will leave you hankering for the Eurostar next year. And guess what? That’s not all! We’re also taking you to the first-ever UK-based Serum Summit, Wrapfest, and Automechanika, where the automotive world will be blown wide open with the latest breakthroughs.

Hold your breath as we unleash the long-awaited New Products and Hardware section. We’ve been sitting on some of these gems for months, and now we can finally spill the beans. Brace yourself for mind-blowing releases that will redefine your car care game – trust us; they’re absolutely blooming brilliant!

Get ready for a knowledge extravaganza in our Guide section, packed with more insights than ever before. The legendary Mike Phillips is here with a game-changing article on glass polishing, and we’ll be delving into the secrets of Boat Detailing, a showdown of alloy wheel protectors, and the incredible world of dry ice cleaning in the UK.

As if that’s not enough, the Megatest will have your inner geek spinning with excitement. We’ve pitted 11.5 glass sealants against each other in an epic showdown, built rigs, been to laboratories and drilled through sheet glass to bring you all the data to choose your sealant, and the results will leave you stunned!

We’re not stopping there. Trader Talk is your backstage pass to the industry’s inside scoop, with riveting insights and an invaluable guide to insurance for all the unit-based detailers out there followed by an overview of the trade and where we think the industry is heading, from dealerships to environmental restrictions.

And to top it all off, prepare to be awe-struck by our Showcase. We have not one, not two, but three extraordinary classic American motors, specially prepared for presentation alongside Concorde – talk about the ultimate show-stoppers! And if you’ve been curious about those hints on social media, the Show Us Your Shop article will blow your mind.


Issue 16 of Pro Detailer Magazine is now available to buy, and it’s a blinding read!

In this issue, CCA takes us to Germany for the first incarnation of the detailing hall at the world’s largest aftermarket expo – Automechanika Frankfurt, with all the news from behind the scenes. We drop over to Holland for a visit to the Dutch detailing scene – and shoot our front cover – in addition to our travels around the country covering detailing events and factory tours.

Guides this issue cover alternative headlight restoration solutions, a look at some alternative coatings hitting the market, steering wheel restoration, some pressure washer mods and a deeper look at getting the best from your snow foam lance.

Trader talk has articles on heat management from the legendary Mike Philips, a look at the Fench detailing scene, and some helpful business advice for insurance and social media promotion from some industry insiders.

Our Megatest this issue looks at ten of the best fabric cleaners on the market, putting them through rigorous paces, before crowning an ultimate winner.

Showcase car is the mammoth Renault 5 rebuild from Jon Clough, which many of you may have seen as a Hero car at Waxstock this year. All this in addition to all the news, new products and hardware you could ever want.

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