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Poka Premium Mini Hanger for Machine Polishers

Poka Premium

  • £10.50

The Poka Premium Mini Hanger is a high-quality hanger for polishing machines. Designed with maximum efficiency and utility value.  

The small size of the handle allows you to hand the polishing machine anywhere on the wall or on utility devices such as trolleys. 

One great advantage of the hangle is its depth at 7cm, eliminating the leaning of the machine against the wall. 

The hanger can safely accommodate a DA polishing machine, a rotary or mini iBrid machine.  

Made of high-quality resistant steel, precisely cut and bent, finally covered with a powder finish both inside and out to provide an additional layer of protective layer against oxidation. The edges where the machine is supported are protected by rubber seals. 


Length 16cm 
Width from the wall: 7cm 
Height: 13cm 

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