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Grit Guard Bucket Dolly (Various Colours)

Grit Guard

  • £39.95

The Grit Guard Bucket Dolly in Grit Guard's famous blue, as well as black, to go with our favourite bucket. No need to kick your bucket around your car or work area, just move it around on the dolly!

Bucket Dolly Overview:

  • The Bucket Dolly can carry buckets with a base diameter of 280mm or smaller;
  • The Clean and Shiny and Zaino buckets are 100% compatible with the Bucket Dolly;
  • New and improved heavy-duty urethane casters roll smoother and last longer;
  • Don't kick the bucket, roll it with the Grit Guard Bucket Dolly;
  • 5 heavy duty smooth rolling casters roll over cracks without tipping;
  • 2 locking casters hold your washing system in place while working on inclines;
  • Supports up to 250 pounds / 113kgs.

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Pack contents: 1x Grit Guard Bucket Dolly, in the colour of your choice.

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