Bilt Hamber Auto-Clay Soft Clay Bar 200g

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Bilt Hamber's multi-award-winning Auto-Clay effortlessly removes iron particles and other contaminants, leaving your paint as smooth as glass!

Each clay bar is designed to effortlessly restore the factory smooth finish to paint finishes. They have received critical acclaim in the detailing industry for being the most durable, cost effective and well-designed clay-bars available today.

Auto Express Magazine, a giant in the car magazine world, has awarded Auto-Clay with their Best Clay Bar award for the last five years!

Why use a Clay Bar?

Vehicle paintwork is like your skin, it has pores.  Over time, these pores can absorb contaminants from your brakes, tyres, the road and the elements.  Clay Bars are designed to absorb these contaminants and leave your paint as smooth as glass.

Which Clay Bar do you need?

The choice between the Auto-Clay bars will depend on several factors:


If the vehicle is heavily contaminated, has never been clay-barred before, or it’s hot summertime, use Regular.  All clay bars become firmer when cold and softer when warm.


For contaminated paintwork that needs attention in colder weather, or paintwork that is in a reasonable condition, Medium will be preferred.


If paint is in good condition, if you like to clay your vehicle frequently or indeed if the weather is cold, then use Soft.

How to use:

  1. Wash your car as you normally would.
  2. Assess the degree of contaminants that have entered the surface of your paint by gently rubbing the surface with your fingertips.
  3. Feel for the grittiness that these damaging particles impart to paint.
  4. Slice the clay into multiple pieces, you don't need to use the whole bar.
  5. Form a piece of the clay into the shape of a puck.
  6. Using your choice of clay lube or slick shampoo solution, glide the clay over your paint; it is pleasant and satisfying to do!
  7. When one side becomes noticeably dirty, knead the clay to reveal a fresh surface and then repeat the above.
  8. You will effortlessly remove particles, leaving the paint incredibly smooth. Discolouring road film will also be gently lifted.
  9. You will hear your paint go from rough to smooth as you work.
  10. Buff off any lube or shampoo residue with a plush towel.

Not only does the paint feel and look a lot better once clayed, but the removal of contaminants sticking to the paint's surface allows the next stages of paint care and detailing to progress far more smoothly. Cleansers, waxes and polishes will now glide across your paint far more easily.

It is highly recommended that, before using a clay bar, the paint is pre-treated with Korrosol; this high activity cleaner actively removes embedded metallic particles in a simple spray on, rinse off action.

By removing these particles before the clay-bar is used, the bar will last longer and concentrate its action on the remaining contamination.

Pack contents: 1x Bilt Hamber Auto-Clay Soft Clay Bar 200g

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