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Zaino 'Finishing' Kit with Z-5 PRO

Zaino 'Finishing' Kit with Z-5 PRO


  • £69.95

The Zaino 'Finishing' Kit with Z-5 PRO is designed for people with well prepared paint that want to add the Zaino finish to their paint.

If you have spent your time claying and polishing your vehicle and are looking for the icing on the cake, this kit is for you. Containing the legendary Zaino Z-5 'Worlds best polish', this sealant when applied in multiple coats using the Z-FX additive will outshine and outlast the competition. Z-5 Pro also helps mask any fine marks in the paint.

Included in the kit is the Zaino Z-8 Spray Sealant. After layering the Z-5, Z-8 really is the grand finale. This highly concentrated spray sealant adds new levels of slickness to the paint whilst at the same time not only providing a durable barrier against the elements but is also so easy to apply.

Between washes Zaino Z-6 can be used to bring back the shine. Even on its own this product continues to amaze us, setting the standard for quick detailing products.

The kit includes:

  • 1x Z-5 Pro Sealant
  • 1x Z-FX Flash-cure accelerator additive
  • 1x Z-6 Ultra-Clean Gloss enhancer
  • 1x Z-8 Grand-Finale Spray Seal
  • 2x Cotton Polishing Pads

Save over 10% with the Zaino 'Finishing' Kit with Z-5 Pro!

Sorry, but we are unable to make any product substitutions to the Zaino Finishing Kit.

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