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WOWO's Mallow Wax Kit

WOWO's Mallow Wax Kit


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Wowo’s MALLOW WAX is as Soft as a Marshmallow and as Smooth as Glass. MALLOW WAX is a proprietary blend of Brazilian Carnuba Wax, Montan Wax, and Resins for a High-Gloss Masterpiece. The Blend of Old School Cool with the latest in surface coating technology keeps paste wax alive and well. Complete with the Work Stuff Handy Wax Applicator which is a functional and friendly applicator for use when working with waxes. 

Kit Contains:

  • 1 x Wowo's Mallow Wax 
  • 1 x The Rag Company Everest 550 Ultra Plus Microfiber towel
  • 1 x Work Stuff Handy Wax Applicator Plus


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