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Wowo's Awesome Foam 500ml

Wowo's Awesome Foam 500ml


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Wowo’s Awesome Foam is an ultra concentrated snow foam which actually has some cleaning power behind it, but it's still safe for use with all Wowo’s Waxes, Sealants and Wowo’s Quick Detailer.

Wowo's developed this foam as close to pH-neutral as possible, but it is ever so slightly on the Alkaline side.


This product is designed for use in a foam lance, ideally using a 1 Litre Bottle.

Depending on what level of blizzard you are aiming for, dilute as appropriate for your foam lance and water pressure. As a rule of thumb add 25mm of Awesome Foam in the bottom of a 1L foam lance bottle for a thick foam and go from there.

1. Spray liberally all over the vehicle and allow a few minutes for the product to work its magic.
2. Change back to your rinsing lance and remove all the foam from the vehicle.
3. We recommend following up with Wowo’s Wax Shampoo or Wowo’s Dry Shampoo using the two bucket method.

Pack contents: 1xWowo's Awesome Foam, 500ml

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