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Wheel Woolies Power Woolie Brush

Wheel Woolies

  • £27.95

The Power Woolie is a soft wheel brush is designed to fit into quick-change drills and uses the same, super-soft brush head that we have come to love as part of the industry-standard Wheel Woolies 3-Brush kit.

The Power Woolie comes with a steel hex fitting.


  • 12 inches in length;
  • Ultra-durable brush: 5” long, 4” in diameter;
  • The steel fitting is enclosed into the handle, no chance of protruding metal!

The Power Woolie is designed for high-powered cleaning as well as buffing and polishing with your favourite wax, compound or polish on wheels.

Chemical Guys demonstrate the Power Woolie in this video:

Also seen in this video:  Sticky Citrus Wheel Gel | Max Coat Wheel Guard

Pack contents: 1x Wheel Woolies Power Woolie Brush

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