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ValetPRO Yellow Medium Clay Bar 100g

ValetPRO Yellow Medium Clay Bar 100g

Valet Pro

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The ValetPRO claybar range has 3 bars within it ranging from mild through to a more aggressive bar for heavy contamination.

All three bars will remove bonded contamination on your paint surfaces or windows which cant be removed while general washing is carried out. All of the bars will remove the likes of Tar Spots, bonded traffic fillm, fall out as well as tree sap. You can also use the Orange and Yello bar with just water which saves you some money.

The bars are as follows:

Blue - Heavy contamination remover, this bar can be used with Citrus Bling, a light machine polish is suggested after using this bar.

Yellow - Medium grade bar, this bar can be used with water or alternativly citrus bling. This bar is great for enhancement details.

Orange - Fine grade bar, this bar just needs water. This bar will pick up light contaminate and has been designed to be used regulary.

Pack Contents:

1 x Yellow Medium Clay Bar

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