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ValetPRO Beading Marvellous 50ml

ValetPRO Beading Marvellous 50ml

Valet Pro

  • £9.95

Valet Pro's latest Carnauba Car Wax, it's 'beading marvellous'! Hand crafted in the UK from the finest grade carnauba wax and ingredients this wax does absolutely everything you'd want from a car wax and more.

When you open the pot of Valet Pro Beading Marvellous, it smells fantastic with no chemical aromas. This is a very buttery wax, which is extremely easy to apply. A simple swipe of a foam wax applicator is enough to load the pad and it spreads perfectly on the paint.

Pack contents: 1x ValetPRO Beading Marvellous 50ml

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