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ValetPRO Foam Blaster - 10L

Valet Pro

  • £94.99

ValetPRO's new Foam Blaster is a high-capacity, pressure foamer that makes snow-foaming possible without the need for a conventional hose, pressure washer and lance.

  • This is the perfect solution if there's no tap or electricity outside of your property and you would like to snow foam your vehicle.
  • The Foam Blaster is designed to enhance foams: When the Foam Blaster is full, there isenough liquid to pre-wash/foam threecars. Because the Foam Blaster applies a more concentrated foam, the cleaning power is better than traditional foam lance systems. This is because traditional foam systems apply the foam at a final dilution of up to 1:300 - theFoam Blaster applies foam at a dilution of 1:15 up to 1:25, which you have full control over when filling your pump up.
  • There is an environmental benefit too: You end up usingless water, which is good news if you'reon a water meter. In addition, youuse the same or less amount of concentrate, so it's the same cost per car clean.

These are high-quality, fully repairable compression sprayers that ValetPROare very proud of.

Receivea FREE 1ltr bottle of ValetPRO PH Neutral Snow Foam with every Foam Blaster, while stocks last.

Maximum Capacity: 10L
Usable Capacity: 8L

Pack contents: 1xValetPRO Foam Blaster - 10L.


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