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Scholl Concepts White Polishing Puck 130mm

Scholl Concepts White Polishing Puck 130mm

Scholl Concepts

  • £4.99

Polish like a pro, but without a costly polishing machine. The Scholl Concepts White Hand Polishing Puck enables manual removal of swirls and scratches in paintwork with a variety of compounds. Its ergonomic shape and firm premium foam give even pressure distribution when removing scratches. The puck is a handy addition to your kit, even if you machine polish - it is great for awkward areas (around door handles, etc) or difficult-to-reach areas that a machine can't access.

Apply polishes or compounds directly onto the puck and polish paintwork in circular or linear movements. Polish residue can be wiped off with a soft polishing cloth.

For general defect removal by hand, use with S17+. For more severely weathered or scratched paintwork, opt for a more aggressive compound such as S3 Gold.

Pack contents:  1x Scholl Concepts White Polishing Puck 130mm

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