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Scholl Concepts NEO Spider Pad Honey 165mm

Scholl Concepts NEO Spider Pad Honey 165mm

Scholl Concepts

  • £17.95

Scholl Concepts NEO Spider Pad is the new, high end, finishing pad for high gloss, hologram-free finishing.

Also recommended as a finishing pad for use with S30+ on problematic, heat sensitive and very soft paint surfaces as part of Scholl Concepts' Soft Paint Detailing System.

The three-dimensional Spider surface can absorb more sealant or compound - giving a higher cut and better endurance of abrasive particles. The open foam surface gives a higher air circulation, generating less heat when polishing. As a result, the speed level of the machine can be increased and polishing time reduced.

Designed for functionality with intelligent detail - the recessed velour backing enables safe and comfortable polishing in hard-to-access areas while simultaneously preventing damage by the otherwise razor-sharp Velcro face of the back-up disc.

Suitable for use with dual action (DA) and rotary polishing machines.

Centre hole for heat dissipation.

Pad cut: Fine (2/6)

Pad size: 165mm (Medium)

Use with Scholl Concepts S30+, S40 and A15+.

The pads can be machine or hand washed at a low temperature and left to air dry afterwards.

Pack contents: 1x Scholl Concepts NEO Spider Pad Honey 165mm

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