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Scholl Concepts Ecofix E-WAX Finishing Wax 1 Litre

Scholl Concepts Ecofix E-WAX Finishing Wax 1 Litre

Scholl Concepts

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Scholl Concepts Ecofix E-WAX is a finishing wax with a micro-fine cut.  It's used to finish the paint correction process having used E3000 or similar compounds.  E-WAX leaves a brilliant, high-gloss, protected finish.

In cases of severely scratched paintwork, we recommend the use of a cutting compound like E1500 or E2000 prior to the application of E-WAX.

Key Features:

  • Micro-cut finishing wax
  • Leaves corrected paint with a brilliant, high-gloss and protected finish
  • Can be applied by hand or machine

How to Use:

  1. Generally we advise applying E-WAX by hand using the Scholl Concepts Soft Black Application Puck.
  2. Distribute the wax evenly and in a circular motion on the paint surface.
  3. Let it dry and wipe off the residue with a plush microfibre buffing towel.
  4. E-WAX can also be applied by machine using an orbital or rotary polisher.

Pack contents: 1x Scholl Concepts Ecofix E-WAX Finishing Wax 1 Litre

Note: The new Scholl Concepts Ecofix range of compounds and pads have been specifically designed for use by detailing enthusiasts and professionals alike. Unlike their S-range, the Ecofix products are not for use in bodyshops.

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