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Scholl Concepts Blue Compounding Pad 140mm

Scholl Concepts Blue Compounding Pad 140mm

Scholl Concepts

  • £9.99

Scholl Concepts Blue Compounding Pads are quick and efficient on scratched and weathered coatings. A very good compounding foam that leaves a high quality paint finish.

Designed for functionality with intelligent detail - the recessed velour backing enables safe and comfortable polishing in hard-to-access areas while simultaneously preventing damage by the otherwise razor-sharp Velcro face of the back-up disc.

Suitable for use with dual action (DA) and rotary polishing machines.

Pad cut:Medium (3/6)

Pad size:140mm (Medium)

Use with S3 Edition Gold, S17+, S30+, S40, A15+ and M3 (Marine Compound).

Although similar in firmness to the Scholl Concepts Orange Foam Polishing Pad, its composition works harder - increasing cut from your compound. Use the Blue when extra cut is required over the Orange Foam Polishing pad. Ideal for moderately weathered, oxidized and scratched paint.

The pads can be machine or hand washedat a low temperature and left to air dry afterwards. We recommend a quick spray with SP Wonderspray prior to popping them in your machine or cleaning by hand - toaid the cleaning process.

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