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Rupes LHR12E (LHR12) Duetto Random Orbital Polisher STF Kit

Rupes LHR12E (LHR12) Duetto Random Orbital Polisher STF Kit


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Rupes LHR12E (LHR12) Duetto Random Orbital Polisher STF Kit with FREE UK Delivery | Clean + Shiny

Duetto is equally effective working with soft or interface backing pads teamed with micro-abrasives during the defect correction step or with foam polishing pads and compounds during the polishing stage.

Extensive research on random orbital dynamics and exhaustive testing resulted in the choice of a 12mm orbit for duetto. This orbit length greatly improves the surface rectification abilities of the latest generation of microabrasive discs.

The combination of duetto andmicroabrasivesis especially effectivewhen smoothing orange peel or significant defects. The finish generated by this combination is bothhomogeneous and predictable, with no deep sanding marks.


The LHR 12E duetto and its 12 mm orbit can be used with fine grit abrasivesto speed up deep correction operations. The tool can then use foamsand compounds to refine the abrasive scratches and restore a lustrousfinish.


With its non-slip rubber inserts in the front cover, the LHR 12E duetto is perfectfor all polishing operations in difficult to reach zones. The operator canwork in comfort to produce the best results possible.


The dual function antispinning shroud is designed to protect theoperator against the moving parts and act as a clutch for the backingpad, preventing further stress on the foam polishing pad when it is notin direct contact with the surface.


The attention to detail is not limited to just the innovative and attractivedesign. The modern lines and exceptional technical quality are combinedwith a number of details that are the result of meticulous research aimedat achieving maximum operator comfort. The non-slip rubber inserts arenumerous and have many functions. In particular, the insert on themachine body is used to support the polisher when placed on a surface.


The speed controller is both practical and easy to use. The speed ofthe polisher can also be easily adjusted without interrupting thework.

Kit Contains:

  • 1 X LHR 12E duetto Random orbital polisher (Ø 125 mm - 5” in - 12 mm orbit)
  • 2 X polishing foam COARSE Ø 130-150 mm - Ø 5”-6” in (cod. 9.BF150H)
  • 2 X polishing foam MEDIUM Ø 130-150 mm - Ø 5”-6” in (cod. 9.BF150J)
  • 2 X polishing foam FINE Ø 130-150 mm - Ø 5”- 6” in (cod. 9.BF150M)
  • 2 X polishing foam ULTRAFINE Ø 130-150 mm - Ø 5”- 6” in (cod. 9.BF150S)
  • 4 X coloured microfiber cloths

Pack contents:  1x Rupes LHR12E (LHR12) Duetto Random Orbital Polisher STF Kit

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