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Rupes LHR 12E Duetto Random Orbital Polisher Deluxe Kit


  • £374.99

The Bigfoot Duetto is anAll-in-one sanding and polishing system for painted surfaces

Duetto is equally effective working with soft or interface backing pads teamed with micro-abrasivesduring the defect correction step or with foam polishing pads and compounds during the polishingstage. Extensive research on random orbital dynamics and exhaustive testing resulted in the choice ofa 12mm orbit for Duetto. This orbit length greatly improves the surface rectification abilities of the latest generation of microabrasive discs. The combination of Duetto and microabrasives is especially effective when smoothing orange peel or significant defects. The finish generated by this combination isboth homogeneous and predictable, with no deep sanding marks.

1. Sanding

The use of microabrasive discs to correct severe defects creates a surface that is easily polished, radically reducing the overall time of the full correction process. Duetto is so well balanced and low in vibration that the operator can easily control the sanding step by simply guiding Duetto over the surface.

The ability of the operator to control the tool so efficiently minimizes the chances of creating rough anduneven surfaces that require time-consuming rework.

Duetto has several design features that make ituniquely operator friendly.

The anti-spinning device reduces the chances ofoperator error even for a novice technician. The fronthand grip allows the operator to place his/her hand atthe virtual balance center of the tool and keepsvibration to a minimum.

The electronic module has built-in torque control,reducing the need for the operator to apply significantdownward vertical pressure.

Another unique Duetto feature is the rubber supportthat allows the operator to place Duetto on aworkbench without the abrasive disc touching asurface that might contain contaminants that couldtransfer to the workpiece during the sanding process. Compatible with microabrasive discs and the appropriate 5” interface pad

BIGFOOT Duetto guarantees excellent results in:

  • Eliminating orange peel and other paint defects
  • Removing medium-depth scratches
  • Removing surface contaminations chemicallyresistant to normal detergents


Duetto is an amazing polisher due to its precise engineering and concern for operator control andcomfort. Duetto is manageable and comfortable in every situation and quickly provides excellent results.

Duetto has all the features of the BigFoot system, neatly packaged in a compact and maneuverable body. Duetto’s 12mm orbit places it at the very top of the compact machine category in speed, comfort andmanageability. Duetto is compatible with BigFoot foam polishing pads and abrasive compounds.

BIGFOOT Duetto is perfect for:

  • Restoring lustre
  • Final polishing after the sanding phase
  • Removing wear and medium-light scratchmarks
  • Removing holograms generated by previouspolishing that used traditional rotarymethodology

​The Kit consists of the following items:

- 1 X LHR 12E duetto Random orbital polisher (Ø 125 mm - 5” in - 12 mm orbit)
- 1 X BIG FOOT tools bag
- 1 X polishing compound 250 ml COARSE (cod. 9.BFZEPHIR250)
- 1 X polishing compound 250 ml FINE (cod. 9.BFKERAMIK250)
- 1X polishing foam COARSE Ø 130-150 mm - Ø 5”-6” in (cod. 9.BF150H)
- 1X polishing foam FINE Ø 130-150 mm - Ø 5”- 6” in (cod. 9.BF150M)
- 1 X soft interface (cod. 980.041)
- 3 X start kit X-Cut Foam Abrasive P 2000 (cod. 9.45401)
- 3 X start kit X-Cut Foam Abrasive P 3000 (cod. 9.45403)
- 4 X coloured microfiber cloths
- 1 X BIGFOOT apron

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