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Renovo Fabric Soft Top Cleaner 500ml

Renovo Fabric Soft Top Cleaner 500ml


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For regular cleaning of canvas, double duck and mohair convertible soft tops.

Fabric Soft Top Cleaner removes grime and ingrained dirt without impairing the appearance of your convertible car's fabric and is suitable for all colours.

Your soft top will be left with a refreshed appearance and the overall condition will be preserved.  THE best convertible roof cleaner.

Fabric Soft Top Cleaner is recommended for preparation of your convertible car's soft top before application of Renovo Soft Top Reviver.

  • Full application instructions are supplied on-bottle;
  • Renovo recommends the use of a sponge, cloth or bristle brush to work-in the product on your fabric soft top;
  • Please put aside at least an hour to use the product.

Renovo advises to do the following:

  • Test on an inconspicuous area to ensure fabric is colourfast dyed.
  • Spray mist the soft top with water prior to application.
  • Use a clean paint brush to apply.
  • Leave Fabric Soft Top Cleaner on for 10-20 minutes for general cleaning.
  • Leave Fabric Soft Top Cleaner on for 40-60 minutes for stubborn dirt and to remove any previous waterproofing treatments.
  • Wear protective gloves whilst applying.

Please do not:

  • Use a power jet wash to clean a fabric soft top.
  • Use a detergent based cleaner.
  • Apply in direct sunlight.
  • Forget to shake the bottle prior to use.

Clean + Shiny offers a soft top clean, revive and protection service. Contact us today for more details on this and related detailing services.

Pack contents:  1x Renovo Fabric Soft Top Cleaner 500ml

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