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Orchard Autocare Wheel Cleanse 1 Litre

Orchard Autocare Wheel Cleanse 1 Litre (Wheel Cleaner Concentrate)

Orchard Autocare

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Orchard Autocare Wheel Cleanse is a concentrated, super safe, non-acid and non-caustic wheel cleaner. Use neat if your wheels are caked in brake dust and road grime, or dilute up to 10:1 for wheels that only have light dirt and contamination.

Orchard Autocare Wheel Cleanse has been tested on all types of alloy wheels and wheel spacers, including polished aluminium, with 'no clouding' reaction.

Orchard Autocare Wheel Cleanse has been specifically formulated to allow the safe cleaning of alloy wheels with the minimal amount of water. It has a foaming action which allows time to clean without the product drying out. It also has a clinging characteristic reducing the amount of 'run off' resulting in lower product usage.


  • Safe but effective wheel cleaner
  • Safe for use with popular wheel sealants
  • 100% Acid Free,100% Caustic Free
  • Clinging formulation and foaming action
  • Pleasant fragrance

How To Use:

  1. Shake well before use.
  2. We recommend initially removing loose dirt and non bonded contamination using a pressure washer or hose in order to minimise the risk of surface scratching by dirt.
  3. Spray Wheel Cleanse on to the wheel and allow to dwell for several minutes - we recommend using a smaller spray bottle.
  4. If the wheels are heavily contaminated, lightly agitate with a wheel brush to remove embedded contamination. Can also be used with your Wheel Woolies.
  5. Rinse using a hose or pressure washer to remove remaining product/dirt.
  6. Repeat if any areas have been missed.

Pack contents: 1x Orchard Autocare Wheel Cleanse 1 Litre

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