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Orchard Autocare Luminos 500ml

Orchard Autocare Luminos 500ml

Orchard Autocare

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Orchard Autocare Luminos is a dedicated, non-abrasive cleanser designed for the removal of residual wax and sealant.

Specifically intended to leave the minimum possible level of residue so contains no fillers, glazing oils or silicones. The advanced cleansing agents and macro-emulsifier technology ensures the ideal droplet size within the product to reliably penetrate LSP layers without any risk to the surface. Volatile anti-mar additives ensure a slick application minimising the risk of marring when applying.

After use, the surface is super-clean and contamination free and ready for the application of your LSP of choice.

It is suitable to be used prior to both the application of wax or sealant and means you can do away with the need to IPA wipe down after finishing minimising the risk of swipe marks or accidental scratching. Luminos can also be used to prepare plastics and glass as well prior to sealing meaning that it is the only multipurpose cleanser available on the market.

Orchard AutocareLuminos will remove environmental grime that can dull the paint finish, random tar spots, polishing oils and fillers left behind from compounding, buffer trails and holograms caused when machine polishing. Orchard Autocare Luminos is also good for removing polish that has been ground into plastic trim and will leave trim clean and ready for protection.

Pack contents: 1xOrchard Autocare Luminos, 500ml.

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