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Orchard Autocare Iron Cleanse 500ml

Orchard Autocare Iron Cleanse (Iron Fallout Remover) 500ml

Orchard Autocare

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Iron Cleanse is a concentrated iron fallout remover.  Easily create litres of sprayable fallout remover with this one 500ml bottle, making it one of the most economical ways to remove iron particles from your wheels, paint, glass and trim.

Remove iron fallout from your wheels, glass and paint. Spray on, allow to dwell, rinse off.

Orchard Autocare Iron Cleanse works because the residues are more strongly attracted to the product than they are to the surface. As the Iron particles are dissolved into the Iron Cleanse, there is a characteristic change of colour. When finished, the Iron Cleanse and dissolved iron can be washed away with water.

Orchard Autocare Iron Cleanse is water based and contains no harmful solvents designed to produce paint swelling. Orchard Autocare Iron Cleanse contains advanced thickening agents to provide the ideal spray behaviour. Orchard Autocare Iron Cleanse sprays easily, like a liquid, but sticks like a gel. Liquid ‘run-off’ is much reduced and there is no ‘jetting’ as is characteristic of gels. The result is increased contact time, even on vertical surfaces and decreased product usage.

Pack contents: 1x Orchard Autocare Iron Cleanse, 500ml.

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