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Nasiol Glass Shield - Nano Rain Repellent 50ml

Nasiol Glass Shield - Nano Rain Repellent 50ml


  • £17.90

Rain repellent spray for cars for safe driving in rainy conditions with 2 years of effective nano-coating. Glasshield glass treatment also protects your car’s windscreen and mirror with easy clean and stain-free effects.

Safe driving, clear vision, and easy clean effect transform your car windows to a high-tech one. Developed and well-known for effectively nano-coating glass and mirror surfaces of cars against stains and water damage.

How to Apply Nasiol Glasshield Rain Repellent Spray for Car Glass?

  • The surface should be free of any dust, dirt, oil, or water.
  • The application should be made in a shaded area.
  • The surface should be sprayed around 20 times for one square meter.
  • The surface should be buffed immediately with a dry cotton cloth.
  • Curing time is 24 h.

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