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Microfiber Madness Incredisponge

Microfiber Madness Incredisponge

Microfiber Madness

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A lot of people have, over the years,told us they preferred a wash pad or, dare we say it, spongeover a wash mitt. Unfortunatley, Cellulose sponges alonehave been a cause of various scratches / swirl marksto people's pride and joys over the years.

In our opinion, Microfiber Madness have come up with the answer. Made with the same fabric as their well known Incredimitt wash mitt, the fabric has the exact features meaning, if you like the Incredimitt, you will love the Incredisponge!

Microfiber Madness Incredisponge

The sponge's core is made of a true washing sponge too, not just the cheap and ugly stuff that you find in some competitors sponges, it's been made the perfect size to hold a huge amount of water inside which is perfect for washing cars. The sponge inside is bone shaped to make it easier to handle too.

On top of this the of course you can expect the highest possible quality you come to expect with Microfiber Madness the fine sewing for example on the Incredisponge is invisible and very strong.

Each incredisponge is packed into its own zipper bag and provides care instructions in both English and German.

Dimension: 24cm / 9" long, 13cm / 5" wide and 7cm / 2.5" thick

Pack contents: 1x Microfiber Madness Incredisponge.

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