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Microfiber Madness Drying Diamond

Microfiber Madness

  • £12.95

The Microfiber Madness Drying Diamond is an ultra-soft drying mitt.

With the Drying Diamond, you receive a versatile tool for car drying. No matter if you use it to dry your wheels or bumpers, there's no risk of hitting the ground like you may do with your drying towel from time to time.

If you use it together with an air blaster/dryer or if you give your already dried car a final wipe, the Drying Diamond has you covered! For sure, this new tool is a little bit special, but we are sure it's going to be your new friend when it comes to car drying!

Similar to the Dusting Diamond, this new product has 2 straps inside, which guarantees that the Drying Diamond will stay on your hand, even when you reach out for the lower areas of your car.

Pack contents: 1x Microfiber Madness Drying Diamond

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