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#Labocosmetica Sample Kit - Perfect Interiors


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The #Labocosmetica Interior Sample Kit consists of:

#Ductile - 100ml 

#DÙCTILE is a versatile and extremely concentrated detergent with strong cleaning action. It can be effectively used on all types of surface, both for interior and exterior parts of the car.

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#Hyrdra - 100ml

#HYDRA is a multi-purpose hyper dressing for a vast range of applications, specific for external and internal plastic car parts. Easy to spread and apply and offering optimal coverage, #HYDRA ensures excellent resistance to washout, even chemical. Its fluoropolymer structure guarantees a duration of about 3 months on the surfaces, protecting them from the UV rays, which damage rubber, plastic, vinyl, leather and acrylic materials, reviving the colour without greasing. 

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#Derma Cleaner - 100ml 

#DÈRMA CLEANER is a concentrated product with a balanced formula, able to gently clean any type of leather upholstery. Cars’ leather, if not treated regularly, tends to get the classic polished and worn look.

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