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Juicy Details Rain Aid Glass Sealant 250ml

Juicy Details Rain Aid Glass Sealant 250ml

Juicy Details

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Juicy Details Rain Aid glass sealant has hydrophobic properties that will make driving in the most horrendous of weathers a breeze.

The window sealant creates a slicker surface that water simply can not stick to so especially at motorway speeds, you will notice windscreen beading and there’s no need to use your windscreen wipers!

Being on the motorway a lot, we see it all the time with other cars, even in light rain, their windscreen wipers going mental on a complete dull matte surface that they’re struggling to see out of. Calling them morons isn’t going to help anyone… It’s damn right dangerous to them and the worst of all, others. With Rain Aid glass sealant you’ll be able to see a lot clearer and will give you that split-second edge that might potentially save a life.

Trio All in One polish is amazing as a glass polish as well as a pre-clean for Rain Aid glass sealant giving you the most hydrophobic glass surface for water to easily bead off.

Watch out for some glass cleaners as they may take away the performance of our glass sealant. Our Clearview glass cleaner is a perfect product to work inline with Rain Aid and will only help.


On a clean windscreen, spray Rain Aid Glass Sealant onto the glass and work in with a cloth in a circular motion to make sure that you cover all areas.

Wait 10-15 minutes for the product to ‘flash’ in the glass. (Haze over)

Remove with a lint-free glass cloth in a straight up-down motion in the way that the water will be beading off in.

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