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Juicy Details Leather Cleaner And Protector 2 IN 1

Juicy Details Leather Cleaner And Protector 2 IN 1

Juicy Details

  • £14.99

If leather is to maintain its beauty, it must be taken care of, cleaned and conditioned. It’s easier to spend a little time protecting and caring for your delicate leather interior than to spend money to repair or replace.

The Juicy Details all in one leather product will make you bin your other interior leather cleaners. It removes day to day grime as well as being able to jump up and tackle hard stains using a leather brush. Our Leather cleaner/conditioner is designed to remove even the ingrained dirt into your automotive seat.
Without proper care and conditioning, your leather will age quickly, lose shine and flexibility and worst of all, may crack. The process accelerates rapidly when it gets hotter as well, yes those 3 days of heat a year do make a difference! Regular leather cleaning and conditioning will be needed to keep your car leather looking fresh, replenished and smooth.
The leather surface is delicate and must be carefully cleaned and conditioned. As the leather ages, it loses the necessary protective agents that are put into the leather during the manufacturing process that will protect from the sun as well as dirt and oils. Our car Leather Cleaner will fully cleanse the leather as well as conditioning and protecting

What is the best way to clean your car leather?

The Single-stage Two-step solution!
Depending on how dirty your car leather is, the first thing to do would be to vacuum your car and leather to make sure that any debris or dust isn’t just rubbed into the leather which could easily scratch. Then start off with a simple spray on and wipe off with a microfiber towel. If needing to delve in deeper then it’s time to use a No.20 brush to ‘paint’ into all the pours to agitate the dirt that is ingrained in. Wipe off with a microfibre cloth to leave with a clean and protected finish.

The conditioner is left on the natural leather to nourish and hydrate the fibre cells so that the fibres maintain their elasticity and stop premature ageing.

Juicy Details Car Leather Cleaner And Conditioner 2 in 1 is ph-balanced and will not leave a greasy surface that can be transferred to clothes.

Fine to use cleaning exterior leather and vinyl surfaces too.

We care about our products so it makes it easy for you to care for your car… your vehicle leather will remain soft, protected and amazingly supple for years to come. If you need any more tips for car cleaning, give us a shout and we will be more than happy to help.
Make sure that you grab 2 bottles of our car leather cleaner… Not just great for your car interior but also the best way of keeping your leather seats, upholstery and furniture in the house in perfect condition! Get rid of those £2.99 cleansing wipes… clean your leathers properly!

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