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HybridX FINITE Advanced Nano Rapid Detailer 300ml

HybridX FINITE Advanced Nano Rapid Detailer 300ml


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HybridX FINITE is the ultimate choice when it comes to a detailer. It is fast and easy to use and non abrasive. It will deliver a high gloss and highly durable, super hydrophobic finish.

FINITE can be used safely on all surfaces, even black plastics without staining.  The enhanced hydro and oleo-phobic characteristics cause water/rain to bead instantly and sheet off.  Bugs are easy to shift off, especially on sealant coated surfaces.

Key Features:

  • FINITE produces a brilliant deep gloss finish.
  • Is super hydro and oleo-phobic.
  • Features anti-paint fade UV protection.
  • Has gloss-enhancing nano particles.
  • Leaves a layer of insect squash protection.
  • Instant shine.
  • 1 application will give you 2 months of protection.
  • Zero abrasives or cutting compounds.

How to Use:

  • Simply spray onto the surface, or apply by using a microfibre cloth, then buff.
  • FINITE is the perfect partner for SHIELD.
  • For use on all exterior and interior vehicle surfaces.

FINITE is simply a must-have in the garage for that instant shine!

Pack contents: 1x HybridX FINITE Advanced Nano Rapid Detailer 300ml

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