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Gyeon Q2M Prism Mini


  • £109.00

The Gyeon Q2M Prism Mini LED light has been developed together with the leader in professional and automotive refinishing lighting – SCANGRIP. The cooperation was a very creative design process. Gyeon proudly calls this light GYEON PRISM MINI powered by SCANGRIP.

The PRISM MINI with its reduced size is the ideal inspection lamp for any professional & enthusiast detailer.

Adjustable power output (2 modes) and 2 different light temperatures packed in a robust small light with IP65 water resistance.

The handiest detailing light you can have, with a hanger and magnet in the rubber-sealed handle.

Before you use your Gyeon Prism Mini for the first time you will need to charge it with the supplied charging cable.  Your first charge will take approximately an hour, you will see all four battery status lights turn green.  The time of charging is reduced as The Gyeon Prism Mini is supplied with a partial charge.  Please also note that you should not store your Gyeon Prism Mini with a flat battery as this could damage the light. We would always recommend that you charge it fully every 30 days when your not using it, let's face it though you will want to use this light all the time! 

To view and highlight defects with this light make sure you keep a minimum distance for 50 to 100 cm away, any closer and you will blow the colour on panels with light and defects could be hidden!  Once about 50cm to a metre away use a sweeping motion across the panel slowly.  We would also suggest using the lower beam to see defects and reserve the higher output fo correction work.  



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