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GYEON Q2 One Kit 50ml

GYEON Q2 One Kit 50ml


  • £47.00

GYEON Q² One is an entry level coating, positioned above Q² CanCoat.

Q² One is as easy to apply as a natural wax, leaves a glaze-like gloss and is as durable and resistant as a regular coating. Beads and has the looks of Q² Prime, but has lower durability.

Who is Q² One designed for?

  • Detailing enthusiast
  • Customers expecting more durability and resistance than Q² CanCoat
  • Customers working in their home garage or weekend warrior
  • User should ideally have coatings installation experience


  • Also available in 30ml
  • 1 layer coating, possible layering
  • CONSUMPTION: 30ml/ car
  • CONTACT ANGLE: >100'
  • PH TOLERANCE: 2-11
  • THICKNESS: 0,2 - 0,5qm
  • DURABILITY: >12 months / 12,000 miles

Box contains: Q² One 50ml, Q²M Cure, Applicator, 4 Suedes, Manual

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