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Gtechniq W2 Multi Purpose Cleaner 100ml

Gtechniq W2 Multi Purpose Cleaner 100ml


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What's special about Gtechniq W2?
W2 follows our philosophy of only producing a product that we are certain offers something unique to the market to the letter. The stains W2 can remove from fabric, walls, leather upholstery to name a few is astonishing. Once tried we guarantee you will have a lot more space in your garage and under your sink as you replace several products with W2!

Dilution recommendations
Fiberglass 10:1
Air conditioners 10:1
Driveways 10:1
Paint oxidation 5:1
Window cleaner 120:1
Carpet 7:1
Grease 2:1
Heelmarks 5:1
Grills 5:1
Walls 20:1
Counters 10:1
Stainless steel 20:1
Outdoor furniture 20:1
Vinyl 10:1
Hoods 5:1
Chrome 20:1
Tools 10:1
Smoke films 10:1
Alloy wheels 10:1
Cloth furniture 10:1
Wax stripping 5:1
Steam cleaning 50:1
Engine bays 1:1

Pack contents: 1x Gtechniq W2 Multi Purpose Cleaner 100ml

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