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Flexipads 3" Microfiber Finishing Pad

Flexipads 3" Microfiber Finishing Pad (MGFD3)

Flexipads World Class

  • £3.99

Made from microfibre and Polyurethane foam, this polishing system is designed to bridge the continuously elusive gap between dual action and rotary polishing, without compromising on safety and performance.

They key feature of this system is the replacement of the traditional foam pad surface with a more responsive microfibre. We suggest always selecting the least aggressive product needed to achieve the desired result, working upwards one grade at a time so as not to overwork your surface area.

To Clean: Wash thoroughly with lukewarm, running water and use your fingers to gently massage out any remaining polish residue, which may cause matting. Store in a dry and particle free environment.

  • Maximum RPM: 3,800
  • Finishing Disc = 80mm x 17mm
  • 10mm Black Finishing Foam
  • Suitable for DA and Rotary machines
  • Suitable for medium and hard paints
  • Made in Great Britain
  • Product Code: MGFD3

Pack contents: 1x Flexipads 3" Microfiber Finishing Pad

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