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COLOURLOCK Strong Leather Cleaner 200ml

COLOURLOCK Strong Leather Cleaner 200ml


  • £19.00

Ideal for cleaning car leather and leather sofas, chairs, bags, suitcases or clothing.

The COLOURLOCK Leather Cleaner comes in a foaming dispenser bottle. Foams clean the leather more efficiently than liquid agents, the consumption is considerably smaller and the leather does not become wet, which could otherwise lead to hardening after drying.

How to use:

  1. Always test any products first on a hidden area in case they affect the colour.
  2. Dispense some foam onto a sponge or brush. Do not apply to the leather directly!
  3. Clean the leather from seam to seam using the foam; repeat several times, if necessary.
  4. Remove dirty foam residue with a slightly moistened cloth and allow to dry.
  5. On older leathers, stains might sink into the surface, or perceived dirt might actually be colour damage. Such stains cannot always be removed by cleaning, in which case, use COLOURLOCK Leather Fresh for refreshing the colour.

Pack contents:  1x 200 ml Strong Leather Cleaner (usually sufficient for cleaning a whole car interior or set of furniture)

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