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Colourlock Leather Cleaning Spirit 225ml

Colourlock Leather Cleaning Spirit 225ml


  • £10.00

Leather cleaning spirit to be used with the Leather Fresh Dye kits or on its own before COLOURLOCK Leather Protector.

There is enough product to treat an entire vehicle interior.


  1. Always test any products first on a hidden area in case they affect the colour.
  2. Moisten a clean, soft, white piece of cloth with a small amount of Leather Cleaning Spirit and apply to the greasy areas. Be careful to dab the leather lightly to avoid stains or rims forming, especially on porous leather (aniline, suede or nubuck).
  3. Always let the leather dry thoroughly between applications. Not every greasy spot can be removed completely! If you are having difficulty, please ask us for advice. After cleaning with the Leather Cleaning Spirit, the leather should be treated with COLOURLOCK Leather Protector.

Pack contents:  1x COLOURLOCK Leather Cleaning Spirit 225ml

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