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Colourlock GLD Pen 40ml

Colourlock GLD Pen 40ml


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The COLOURLOCK GLD Pen can be used to smooth down Fluid Leather or Filler repairs.


In case of larger damage, it is sometimes not possible to achieve a smooth and even surface only by using a spatula. Such spots must be post-processed. Fluid Leather cannot be sanded dry, though, because this would damage the repair.

If the repair has to be smoothed down, this can be done using the GLD Pen. The GLD Solvent dissolves the upper layer of the repair substance, so that the surface can be easily reshaped.

Open the cap of the COLOURLOCK GLD Pen and press down the felt tip several times, so that it soaks up the GLD Solvent. Dab any excess off with a piece of cloth. Carefully dissolve the dried Fluid Leather repair, smooth it down and let it dry again. Alternatively, the repair can be sanded with the COLOURLOCK Leather Sanding Pad after dissolution. Both methods serve for smoothing down a repair. Always work gently and with a small amount of GLD Solvent. Too much liquid causes the repair to "blur".

This process can be repeated as many times as required, until you are satisfied with the result.

The felt tip of the COLOURLOCK GLD Pen can be taken out in case of soiling or wear and be replaced the other way round. This exchange should be performed especially after a colour change.

Pack contents: 1x COLOURLOCK GLD Pen, 40ml.

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