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Chemical Guys Wipe Out Surface Cleanser 473ml

Chemical Guys Wipe Out Surface Cleanser 473ml

Chemical Guys

  • £9.95

Chemical Guys Wipe-Out is the surface prep spray that strips old layers of glaze, sealant and wax. Proper surface prep is a critical step in polishing and paint correction, as well as to guarantee maximum adhesion of fresh layers of vehicle coatings, sealant and wax.

Key Features:

  • Strips old layers of glaze, sealant and wax as well as grease and grime
  • Fresh sealant, wax, and vehicle coatings adhere best to stripped surfaces
  • Lubricates to prevent swirls and scratches while working
  • Remove used polish to inspect paint for remaining swirls and scratches
  • Cleans all painted surfaces
  • Safe for metal, glass, plastic, rubber, and vinyl
  • Easy-to-use sprayable surface prep

How To Use:

  • Shake well.
  • Mist Wipe-Out on the desired area.
  • Wipe away in one direction with a premium microfiber towel.
  • Buff off residue and inspect surface for further polishing needs or cermaic coating, wax or sealant application.

Pack contents:  1x Chemical Guys Wipe Out Surface Cleanser 473ml

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