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Chemical Guys Spinner Multi-Surface Heavy Duty Brush with Drill Attachment

Chemical Guys

  • £20.99

The Heavy Duty Spinner Multi-Surface Drill Brush is the stiff bristled brush that attaches to your drill to deep clean and restore your tile, grout, tubs, and more! Let your drill provide all the elbow grease needed to blast away layers of stuck-on grime from your home, bathroom, garage, and more with the Spinner!

Awesome Drill Brush Features:

  • Heavy duty red bristles remove stuck-on dirt and grime fast
  • Save time by letting your drill do all the heavy lifting
  • Deep clean grout, floors, tubs, showers, tiles, & more
  • Heavy Duty bristles deep clean hard surfaces
  • Gets rid of layers of caked-on grime
  • 5 inch diameter offers wide surface coverage for fast work
  • Attaches to any standard drill
  • Works hard so you don?t have to
  • Professional grade results you can achieve yourself
  • For best results use the drill on lower speed setting

How to use:

  1. Open the chuck on your power drill wide enough to accommodate the steel shank of the Spinner Multi-Surface Drill Brush.
  2. Align the teeth of the chuck to grip snugly around the shank, and tighten down securely.
  3. Turn your drill to the lowest speed and test the effects of the brush and choice of chemical on an inconspicuous spot.
  4. Constantly check your work for desired results.
  5. Always use the lowest speed setting to achieve satisfactory cleaning results.
  6. Disclaimer: The Heavy Duty Spinner is the most aggressive brush in the Spinner line. If you’re not sure about the durability of your surface, try Light Duty and Medium Duty first. Test a small inconspicuous area before committing to the entire surface.

Pack Contents: 1 x Chemical Guys Heavy Duty Multi-Surface Brush with Drill Attachment.

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